Coffee tables

Acacia ‚half moon‘ coffee table (SOLD)

A special handmade halfmoon design cut out of a massive acacia slab , sanded and oiled with a glass insert.

Long luxury acacia wood coffee table (SOLD)

Long luxury coffee table made from a single massive acacia tree, sanded and oiled with a specially designed glass insert.

Acacia roots coffee table

A acacia roots coffee table with specially made glass top.

Teak root coffee table

A unique piece of a massive siam teak wood , fine sanded and oiled, specially designed glass-top, 6mm.

Acacia wood coffee table

Big sized coffee table with special half moon shape and glass insert made out of a single slab this type of table can be ordered in similar shapes, sanded and oiled, low level or high level can be ordered

Luxury coffee table

Handmade Luxury coffee table with glass top, cut from a massive piece of the acacia tree, sanded and oiled.

Acacia wood coffee table

A half rounded coffee table, handmade out of natural acacia wood, exceptional design.

Acacia root coffee table

Unique table made of litchi tree roots, sanded and lacquered with a glass-top.

Acacia root coffee table

One of a kind coffee table made out of an acacia tree root with a glass top, sanded and oiled.

Acacia coffee table

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Small “double glassed“ coffee table

Small coffee table with two glass inlays due to it’s natural form with two holes inside of it.